Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 14:57:27 -0400
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Subject: [650B] Reverse Conversion: 54cm LHT 26" to 650B

I thought I'd put up a picture of this unusual
A customer came to me about the possibility of using a 650B wheels on a Long
Haul Trucker.  His interest was a mixture of 26" prejudice ("they're small
and won't roll as well") and the allure of something unusual.  I advised
against it, saying that the LHT had plenty of room for large tires and the
extra bottom bracket height wouldn't be desirable on a cross-country tour
(which is the intended use of the bike).  But dissuade I could not, and the
customer asked me to order the frame and build some 650B wheels.  He
assembled the bike with parts he already had and brought the bike back to me
for a check over and Honjo installation.

I've only taken the bike around the block, so I don't know how the extra
bottom bracket height will feel on tour.  The 26" LHT's have 47mm of drop
while the 700C's have 78, assuming the same size 650B and 700C tire I'm
figuring the your bb will be 12mm higher with 650Bs on the 26" LHT frame.
Not much.  Perhaps I was wrong.

The bike looks better with the larger wheels, and they also made fender
mounting much easier.  Unless you have very, very large tires on an LHT
you'll have vast amounts of space between the frame and where you'd like to
place the fender.  Everything lined up very nicely with the 650B's and Col
de la Vies.

(For those who are counting the 32H rear wheel was not my suggestion.
Customer insisted on using some hubs he already had.)

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