Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 13:00:16 -0800
From: "Rob Hawks" <rob.hawks(AT)>
Subject: [BOB] Farewell to the man of a thousand middle names

It is undeniable that Sheldon has influenced many, many people in the
bicycling world. I read with sadness of
his passing. The thing though that I've always remembered about
Sheldon all along are some of the non-cycling elements
to his communications with others. I loved and will now miss the
quotes contained in his signatures to postings
to the list. I'll also remember an email exchange I had with him off
list regarding music. I had come to discover
a band very late in my life and many years after the date of a
recording, and mentioned this band and recording
to Sheldon. His response had such enthusiasm in it and it put me in
mind of being on the opposite side of
the experience where one can look with a little bit of envy at someone
who is just being exposed to a work of
music, literature or film that had a profound effect on you at an earlier time.

Certainly, I've looked over Sheldon's cycling oriented articles, but
I've also been intrigued by the other
parts of his vast webpages and all the other passions in his life.
Poke around on those pages. It is amazing
I think to see all the different things a single person can be so
enthused about and really get into in a big way.

Farewell Sheldon, but you'll never be gone.

rob hawks
richmond, ca
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