Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 18:17:19 -0400
From: Sheldon Brown <CaptBike(AT)>
Subject: Re: [BOB] Co-ops

At 3:02 PM -0400 4/13/99, tarik saleh wrote:
>My favorite co-op/ community teaching repair shop :
>Broadway Bicycle school in cambridge mass...

>I believe sheldon was insrumental in the beginning of
>this shop.  But I could engaging in random
>speculation and spectacular slander.

No, you're correct, I was one of the founders of what was originally called
the Bicycle Repair Collective, back in 1973 (or maybe '72.)

I was purged by the Maoist majority in '74 for being a capitalist
roader...but all those folks are gone now, and I have no quarrel with the
current staff.

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